Hi Maurice!! Thank you again for the wonderful chair massage at the event yesterday at Flirty Girl Fitness!!! You really helped to melt away all the stress of the work week! I will recommend you to ANYONE that needs some R&R - take care and see you soon!.......Nicole Vasquez

I had the absolute pleasure of receiving a mini-massage by Maurice while working at AIBTM in Chicago. He was unbelievable being that I was only in a massage chair! I felt as though I was in an actual spa room. I had been working and on my feet all day and he relieved all my pain and even stress in minutes. I also enjoyed how comfortable he made me feel in the chair and the way he massaged my entire neck and back. I wished my session was longer than those couple of minutes. I would recommend him for any event; his presence is uplifting and just extremely unforgettable!.......Brittany Koulias

I had the pleasure of a mini-massage by Maurice while attending a meeting in Chicago. I get a lot of massages and I am quite picky. He was great! I had been running and had aggravated my back/shoulder pain and he relieved it in minutes. I love that he will come to your hotel or office as well. I will definitely use his services at my next meeting. My expertise is in stress management and I am a firm believer that body work truly augments the cognitive work we need to do to successfully manage the stress life deals us. .......Cynthia Ackrill, MD

Maurice surprised me. He got me back on my feet after other chiropractors and therapist couldn't , His continuous encouragement inspired me to do things I thought I could no longer do. I am walking again.......Lamar B. (Calumet City, IL)

As a massage therapist myself, I have been looking for a therapist to do some trades with. I met Maurice by chance one day as he was doing Chair massages and it was a real blessing! Maurice is a wonderful therapist. He listens to your needs and makes sure to concentrate on the muscles that are bothering you the most. He is very flexible with scheduling which is great for people who work long hours and need a massage later in the evening! Our session was a deep tissue session and he can TRULY deliver DEEP pressure (He's really strong!!!) if that's what you are looking for, you wont be disappointed! He also responded very well by lightening up a bit in areas that were tender. (Don't worry if you want lighter pressure, he can do that too!) He has a large range of ability, and truly listens to his clients during a session......Jessica S. (Chicago, IL)

I have had many chair massages, but Maurice went the extra mile to be extra attentive. I now know that he is very knowledgeable and skilled at his craft. He did take time to make sure i was comfortable in the chair first. He also made sure not to use too much pressure, asking me if it was ok. I replied with a thumbs up. During my massage i was able to completely shut out everything around me. i felt very relaxed in ways i can't even explain. Maurice massaged my back, shoulders, neck, arms, and even my head. I loved how he paid extra attention to my shoulders. I did not realize the tension build up. i know that is from sitting at the computer. The head massage was awesome too. I am just going to say the overall experience was top 10! I can not wait until my next massage.......Tanisha C. (Great Lakes, IL)

Maurice is a fantastic massage therapist! Loved every minute of my massage! What a treat! So glad I invested my health and took time for such a therapeutic experience! Thanks again Maurice!......Ramona Harrell

Maurice Florence did an excellent job of interacting with the thousands of buyers on the show floor, providing his massage services to an eager crowd of shopping-weary customers! He always had a line out the booth waiting for them to be next in line!!!......Don Olstinske

If and when you want to treat yourself to an EXTRAORDINARY MASSAGE, that when you get up from the table, you feel like a BRAND NEW PERSON, do NOT hesitate to call Maurice Florence; I HIGHLY RECOMMEND him.. His pleasant demeanor, his strong hands, and his knowledge of massage therapy will change your world... Contact him today!......Audrey Gordon

Maurice is a great massage therapist. His professionalism was noteworthy and he applies good pressure for a deep tissue massage. I highly recommend that you consider Maurice's mobile massage therapy service. The ability to have a massage in your home brings relaxation to a whole new level because there's no stress or inconvenience getting to your massage and then his technique is so good, you'll wonder why you didn't discover his service sooner!......Melva Hardy

Maurice really knows how to gauge what type of pressure to use on me. I don't have to say a word......Patricia Canders

Maurice hands are well trained. I would call them magical......Madonna Carthans

The first time Maurice massaged me I was very apprehensive. But right away I knew that Maurice knew the body very well and that I could relax knowing I was in good hands..Maurice put me at ease right away with his professionalism and excellent draping.......Lisa Sanders

I would recommend Maurice to anybody who wants a professional massage in the comfort and privacy of there home......Terfa Kwembe

Maurice is such a great massage therapist. He gives a great massage at a very reasonable rate.......Cathy Bates