Massage is much more than a way to pamper yourself. Its therapeutic benefits enable your body to function better.
  • An athlete recovers from exertion sooner, enhancing his performance, with massage.
  • A child with ADD focuses better and employees are more attentive after 15-minute chair massages.
  • A surgical patient who receives massage recovers more quickly as a result of increased circulation, less pain, better sleep and improved ability to fight infection.
  • A dieter or a smoker trying to quit has reduced cravings after a massage.
Muscles perform their functions better and pain subsides without medication or with less medication.

Massage enables you to recover more quickly from injury or infection. Your body produces more white blood cells during massage, speeding healing and fighting infection.

Massage also increases your body's circulation, delivering more nutrients to tissues and promoting healing.

Massage isn’t simply about pampering yourself; its therapeutic aspects enable your body to function better. The fact that it feels really, really good is a wonderful bonus.

Maurice is a ACE certified personal trainer.

Rates: $75.00 hr and up depending on location. Please call to setup an appointment. For more detail, visit